Dalmar, the importance of coordination

Dalmar SpA is an Italian company that for 65 years has offered industrial companies in various segments the necessary components for their activity.
Having decided to renew its website, Dalmar turned to Atlantide; the agency created a new and attractive image while keeping it perfectly coordinated with existing and still functional communication material.


For Dalmar SpA, a constant drive towards innovation is a key aspect of the company’s mission: flexibility and evolution are the bases of the lasting success of this company which for over 65 years has provided components for industrial companies in various sectors. As may be expected from a company always abreast of technological evolution, Dalmar has been present on the web ever since the dawning of this medium; for this very reason the website, after years of honourable service, was in need of an accurate restyling to comply with new devices and with clients’ evolving demands.

For Dalmar, choosing an agency was not a particularly difficult task: just a few months earlier, another company in the same group – Dalmar Impianti – entrusted this assignment to Atlantide, obtaining the desired results in a short time. Trusting that they would have been able to repeat the same positive experience, Dalmar SpA’s marketing office therefore also turned to the same agency.

Atlantide tackled the task as it always does, with a careful and accurate preliminary analysis of the objectives and of Dalmar’s pre-existing communication, taking special care to maintain a full coordination between current communication material and the new website.

Specifically, Atlantide kept up the positive aspects of the existing direct communication material which, using a functional colour code system, present the wide range of available solutions. Since corporate brochures and catalogues use a specific colour for each product line, the same subdivision and colour choices were upheld when designing the website.

Besides the graphic aspect, Atlantide also took care of the preparation of texts, written with the most appropriate form for the medium and composed following telephone interviews with the managers of the various departments of the company, so as to enhance all the advantages that it wished to convey to present and potential customers.

Atlantide created the website using the most updated SEO techniques to ensure its traceability by search engines.
Great attention was also dedicated to the choice of a responsive CMS that would enable the website to be visited using all the most widespread devices, making it easy to update thanks to a fast and intuitive back-office.

Dalmar, during the latest Mostra Convegno Expocomfort trade show, was therefore able to present its public with an efficient and attractive website, coordinated with all current communication tools; this was all done in compliance with the agreed timelines and with the allocated budget.

The creation of the Expocomfort stand was also entrusted to Atlantide; the agency coordinated this stand with Dalmar’s brand image by using the same colour schemes as the direct communication material and as the new website. The stand, with its modern design and the total lack of architectural barriers to encourage access, privileged a layout that showcased the products like masterpieces, exalting their presence with an essential background created to enhance their value.

Besides the image aspect, website and stand were also coordinated from a functional standpoint, aiming at new lead generation activities. The presence at Expocomfort was indeed an occasion to invite visitors to register for Dalmar’s newsletter, an important tool to obtain names of persons interested in the company so as to crate a constant relationship with them, maximizing the likelihood that these new contacts will evolve into fruitful commercial partnerships.

An analogous invitation to register to the newsletter was also inserted in a very prominent way in the website, where every page includes an eloquent call to action in this respect; registering is made easier by the practical social button, allowing to fill in the form rapidly by using a Facebook o Google+ account.

Atlantide was therefore able to take pride in the client company’s full satisfaction and in the start of a long-lasting cooperation.

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