Audiweb data concerning online metrics in Italy

According to the latest data on the popularity of the web in Italy (source: Audiweb Trends) in June, 2016, 42 million Italians, that is, 87.4 % of the population between the ages of 11 and 74, declare that they use the Internet. This datum shows a 2.2% increase with respect to the previous year.


Another very interesting datum that emerges from this report is the increase of users that access the Internet using a mobile device, more precisely, 72.6% of the population between the ages of 11 and 74 (344.8 million Italians) confirm use of the net by means of cell-phones or smartphones, 30% (14.4 million users) via tablet and 73.4% (35.2 million users) use a computer.

The average time spent online is also on the increase (+3.4 overall), especially for the 55-74 age bracket, showing a 28.4 increase with respect to the previous year.

On average, every day, online users total 38.7% of Italian men (10.6 million), 39.0% of women (10.9 million), 59.7% of persons aged 18-24, 58.9% of persons aged 24 to 34 and 26.6 % of persons over 55.

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