Newsletters and DEM: when should they be sent to optimise redemption?

Corporate newsletters, DEMs and editorial newsletters are excellent tools for retaining customers, obtaining new leads and generally informing the public about novelties of all kinds: products and services, of course, but also installations, participation in events and trade fairs, additions to the workforce and so on.

What are the best days and times for mailing?

There are numerous schools of thought on the subject.

Several analyses show that the ideal time varies depending on the type of recipient: it is different for workers, students or home buyers (early morning, late morning and early evening, respectively).

But that’s not all: the readiness to open the message also varies throughout the day according to the type of product being communicated (morning is suitable for consumer events, early afternoon for financial products, late afternoon for commercial offers).


And the click-through rate? Research shows that it does not have an overlapping trend with respect to open rates: while these generally peak around 8am with average rates around 20%, the peak of clicks typically occurs around 5pm.

Once the best time is decided, is one day worth the other? Definitely not: data support the thesis that attention is low at the beginning of the week, tends to rise towards the middle of the week and then falls again.


Mailing strategies in B2B

Most of the research in this field focuses on the vast consumer products sector: research conducted for B2B often shows data that are difficult to generalise as they do not always correspond to consumer trends and also differ by individual segment or industry.

The number and complexity of the variables at play should not, however, lead you to think that in order to choose the best day and time to send out a B2B newsletter or DEM, you have to roll the dice and trust your luck: it is possible to carry out tests – or to rely on the experience of those who have already done so, for segments similar to those in which you operate.

When identifying the best day and time to send the DEM and Newsletter we produce on behalf of our customers, for example, we can use time series of data obtained from years of mailings, referring to customers in similar segments. For all mailings, we obtain redemption data, standardise them to allow for comparisons, and use them to improve the performance of these communication tools in the course of the process.

In the case of new segments, we are able to conduct tests by immediately verifying the key indicators – openings and clicks – for different days and times, quickly climbing the learning curve and arriving at an optimal solution in a short time.

Decades of experience in B2B communication help. Turn to an experienced partner like us for tailor-made advice and optimise the return on your communication investment! 

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