Communicating online and offline, even with limited budgets

Budget constraints sometimes lead to hard decisions regarding communication: particularly, some companies consider whether to favour online over offline media, thinking that it is impossible to afford both.

Actually, efficient resource management allows for a presence on both types of media while respecting budgets.

How can this be achieved? Let us examine a concrete case.


Communication without compromise   

A company operating in the metal engineering sector, leader in its segment, was faced with this situation: the communication budget did not allow for adequate coverage of offline media and corresponding online portals.

The company had thus considered giving up offline ads, but with the regret caused by the awareness that appearing on printed media is a source of prestige and strengthens brand image.

Fortunately, the company thought of entrusting its communication budget to Atlantide and the agency suggested a solution which, for the same budget, allowed the client to be present in both types of media.

Media planning therefore focused on online media, which in the case of limited budgets have the advantage of not diverting resources for the pages’ creation, reaching printed magazines with a complementary and synergetic press office activity.

As an advertiser, the company was offered the publication of articles about its activity but, thanks to the agency’s support, no one in the company had to waste valuable time writing interesting technical texts for the editorial staff.

Atlantide obviously did not limit itself to sending only the requested material but, following a detailed editorial plan, produced interesting content to enhance the image of the client company and its products.

Atlantide’s press office was able to give the articles the form most consistent with the style of the individual magazines involved and, once the press kits were prepared, sent the releases even to the editors of magazines not included in the media plan, with whom it has maintained established relations for years and who are always interested in receiving press releases designed to attract the attention of their audience.


Versatile contents      

What characteristics determined the excellent reception of the press releases?

The content was fundamental: the press office understood the client’s communication needs and found the most suitable form for the individual media, taking into consideration editorial plans, circulation of the magazines during trade fairs and target events, and all other aspects which could make publication easier.

Interviews with technicians, case histories, descriptions of events organised by the company or in which it participated, enlivened the range of content; without forgetting that press releases allow a level of detail and insight which advertising pages cannot and should not have, thus enabling the company to fully describe the advantages offered by its solutions in a form interesting for readers and editors.


One content, many applications

The contents of the press releases also proved useful for numerous other communication activities managed by the agency: updates to the news and focus section of the website, content for corporate newsletters, scheduled DEMs and editorial newsletters, ideas for posts on corporate social networks.

A perfect recyclability, in short, which made them an excellent example of the ‘circular economy’ of services!


An excellent result

The agency’s excellent relationships with publishers, deepened and consolidated over decades of experience in b2b communication, naturally contributed to the success of the proposed strategy.

In 2021, with an online planning of EUR 12,900.00 spread over 7 media,  press office activities obtained the following results:

– 19 different publications were involved

58 articles were published free of charge, 17 of which on target printed magazines

– the list price value of the coverage obtained was € 72,593.00


If you want to assess the quality of our work and learn how to achieve excellent results while maintaining high visibility on both online and offline media within budget limits, look no further:

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