e-mail marketing

How can you let your target know abut your news and initiatives?
E-mail marketing activities, specifically DEMs and Newsletters, allow you to reach this objective.


If you intend communicating regularly with your clients, a newsletter is a convenient, fast, economical tool whose results can be measured.

Did you carry out a carefully planned lead generation activity, creating updated and reliable mailing lists? We can turn this data base into growth opportunities.
… if you do not have adequate lists, we can plan for you all activities (social media, landing pages…) suitable to create a data base of new target recipients.


Dedicated E-mail Marketing activities (DEMs) use data bases built over the years and constantly updated by trade press publishers: an efficient way to reach your target with a fine-tuned communication whose redemption can be quantified.

As always we shall help you in choosing the best strategy and in implementing it in every aspect, creating a tool that is both easy to use and perfectly coordinated with your brand identity.

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