A new client lands on Atlantide’s island


Atlantide, the dynamic communication agency, recently acquired a client wishing to improve his image, blurred by a growing number of imitators, present even on the well-known social network, Facebook. The client, S. Claus by name, landed on the island of communication, where the account executives immediately understood his issues and constraints. The creative team was alerted to tackle the emergency and immediately prepared a plan to differentiate the client’s offer with respect to competitors, often run-of-the-mill concerns who unlawfully clone the client’s image with clumsily altered versions. During the definition of the strategy, which includes perfectly coordinated tools to maximize the returns of the communication budget and to guarantee coherent and synergistic communication streams, the client decided to take advantage of the island’s mild climate to enjoy a refreshing break (see photo): the moratorium in delivering his service, he claims, will ensure that after the break the original will be even more appreciated. And there’s more: the advantages provided by life on the happy island of Atlantide, along with a certain reluctance on the part of the ageing owner of the Santa Claus franchise to resume his tiresome commute with his sleigh and reindeer, led him to consider the possibility of making use, as from 2017, of a convenient and modern e-commerce site for requests and technological drones for deliveries. Mr. Claus thereby joins the long list of clients who, by trusting Atlantide, were able to get rid of many tasks, ending up with more time for their professional occupations and personal inclinations.

Best wishes for the holidays! Our offices will be closed from December 24th to January 6th.

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